This recipe for thanksgiving turkey for several years now. It is simplicity itself, I assure you. I use a 5 gallon bucket to brine the turkey, we usually get a 14 lb bird. The deal is, thaw the turkey, stick it in the brine, soak opvernight, tday morning stick the turkey in the oven with the aromatics stuck in it, and cook.

I did the turkey, and the Ogwife and Oglet got everything to the table piping hot, and we chowed down like a swarm of locusts.

The Oglet arrived home from school frozen about half solid, because the Explorer had no heat. I use Failsafe thermostats. Apparently several weeks back when she had lost an idler pulley ( and subsequently, the serpentine belt) the old girl got hot and latched the thermostat into “Fail” mode. So she had a cool ride.

I’m tickled that it was something simple, and she got home safe, and now she’ll have heat for the trip back. Plenty to be thankful for. And now it’s time for a piece of pie and some coffee, and another day of chainsawing and mess cleaning.