I have gotten used to it, and am fond of it. It has some issues that I am correcting. It has some rust which I am dealing with as best I can. Nothing structural, thank G-d, it’s solid where it counts. There’s some surface rust under that I have treated and will coat with some fish oil Rustoleum, and it will see the first hard winter this winter.

One of the things that has annoyed me is some condensation inside one of the headlamps. I have taken the bulb out hoping it would dry, but no joy. It supposedly requires removal of the bumper to replace, but I was determined, and last night I tugged and pulled and removed the bugger, and poured out a half a cup of water. I soaked up the little drops with a towel on the end of a stick, and dried it out with a hair dryer, then used one of those headlamp cleaning kits to clear it up. It’s a good deal nicer now, and I think it will be fine. So long as the tranny doesn’t go tits up, I will be alright, I think.